My performance work has been concerned with the manipulation and orchestration of diverse but simple materials, elements or components to create a complex whole. Choreographic process are used, contrasting sequences within a structure that although allows spontaneity and interaction to occur ensures that the activity is confined, ordered and controlled within a performance form that echoes those of dance. Expression, emotion, character, narrative and other manifestations of theatricality are encouraged and displayed but rarely dominate. Meaning is suggested, but is never specific, never overt. The works are collaborative events. The nature of a piece ultimately depends on the nature of its participants, as will its final form depend on the nature of the situation regarding its conception.


In Fill





The Audience Event

The Audience Event





becoming A

becoming A WS



Transcription Nottingham 1



Lifeline, Asylum



Pitfalls, Victoria Studios, Nottingham, 2002






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